Holby City spoilers: Lofty’s BACK! But what’s he hiding?

Lofty returns from his travels abroad - but it seems the nurse is hiding a BIG secret from hubby Dom about his time away…

Finding out he’s adopted and that consultant Ange Godard is his real mum, medic Dominic Copeland has had plenty to deal with while his husband, nurse Ben ‘Lofty’ Chiltern, has been away. So they’ve got lots of catching up to do when Lofty returns from his travels this week.

Dom’s thrilled to see Lofty and tells him how much he’s missed him. Lofty, however, is somewhat surprised given how little he’d heard from Dom while they were apart…

Dom tells Lofty there’s been a lot going on and wanted to tell him in person. It’s clear Lofty has something important to tell Dom, too. But just as he’s about to, Dom blurts out the news he’s adopted!

Later, on AAU, Donna notices Lofty doesn’t seem himself but he just puts it down to suffering from jet lag. However, it’s obvious he’s hiding something…

Lofty knows he needs to tell Dom the truth – but Dom exposes Lofty’s secret himself when he unwittingly finds some incriminating evidence in Lofty’s bag.

Given all he’s been through in recent weeks, Dom struggles to cope with this latest bombshell and needs someone to turn to for support. Feeling reckless, Dom scrolls through a dating app, sees someone he recognises and sends them a message. But who is it?

Meanwhile, Chloe’s struggling after finding out last week that Dom is her half brother, and it looks like she might take drastic action to deal with her turmoil. Seeing his on-off love in pain, Evan makes it clear he’s there to support her. But are his actions in Chloe’s best interest?

Also, Sacha gets the feeling he’s becoming a nuisance living with Jac and should move out. Jac, admittedly, is growing frustrated with some of Sacha’s ways – but does she need him as much as he needs her?

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.