Holby City spoilers: Hanssen’s torn between Roxanna and Gaskell!

With his old friends at loggerheads, will Hanssen be forced to take sides?

Concerned about the risks her old friend and colleague Professor John Gaskell seemed to be taking, neurosurgeon Roxanna MacMillan recently decided to step away from his stem cell project. Certain he’s hiding something, Roxanna has since travelled to Lisbon to find out more about his cases abroad.

This week, Roxanna (Hermione Gulliford) is shocked when Hanssen (Guy Henry) calls her to reveal Gaskell (Paul McGann) has suddenly decided to operate on 16-year-old Josh Bloom as part of his trial, having previously put the surgery on hold.

As Roxanna urges Hanssen to keep an eye on their friend, he quizzes Gaskell, who claims Josh will deteriorate if they don’t act quickly. He’s clearly unconvinced but, when Josh’s surgery is a success, Hanssen feels forced to apologise to Gaskell for questioning his motives.

That’s when Gaskell claims it’s Roxanna who’s become overwrought and paranoid recently – she’s the one they should be worried out!

Later, however, when Roxanna returns from Lisbon, she tells Hanssen it’s Gaskell who needs saving from himself! As Roxanna continues to dig for dirt on Gaskell, where will Hanssen’s loyalties lie?

Elsewhere, Meena has anything but a ‘happy’ birthday.

Holby City is shown on BBC1 weekly on Tuesdays (barring sport!) at 8pm.