Holby City spoilers: Ange’s painful past REVEALED!

When medic Dominic Copeland confronts her over 'chosen one' Chloe, Ange Godard reveals a shock secret about Chloe's seemingly 'perfect' past…

After learning he’s adopted and Ange Godard is his real mum, medic Dominic Copeland believes they’re starting to build a relationship. But when he feels pushed out in favour of Ange’s daughter, Chloe, Dom wants to know why…

When young patient Farhima is admitted, Dom hopes to work alongside Ange (Dawn Steele) in the Young Adult Unit. Ange, however, has an important meeting, so leaves Dom to handle the case alone.

To get closer to Ange, Dom invites her to a rap music exhibition and is upset when she rejects his offer. It turns out Chloe – who doesn’t yet know Dom’s her half-brother – has cut her holiday short and Ange needs to be with her.

When Farhima bleeds out in theatre, Dom needs urgent assistance. He’s paged Ange but, when she doesn’t arrive, he refuses to page Sacha.

Later, Ange is annoyed to learn Dom knowingly risked Farhima’s life because he only wanted her in theatre. However, when Ange then admits she didn’t hurry because she was trying to avoid him, Dom’s furious!

To him, Chloe seems to be the chosen one – he was this ‘unwanted beginning’ while she had the ‘perfect start’. That’s when Ange reveals a painful secret about Chloe’s seemingly ‘perfect start’ that shocks Dom to the core… Will the news bring them closer?

Meanwhile, sparks are already flying on Darwin between formidable surgeon Jac Naylor and new consultant Kian Madani. With the staff (literally!) eating out of the palm of Kian’s hand and patients requesting him as their doctor, Jac Naylor feels her position as Darwin’s top dog might be at risk and pulls ranks on Kian at every opportunity.

But even Jac can’t deny Kian is a great surgeon and just the person who could take Darwin forward. Can they be stronger together?

Also, Scary Sue is making her presence felt as AAU’s new matron. She’s moved everything around on the ward and all the nurses are unhappy with the new rota – apart from Donna, who she’s given all the decent shifts to.

Things go pear-shaped quite quickly for Sue, though, when Donna has to cover for her near-fatal mistake. Sue’s extremely grateful – but will she take advantage of Donna’s good nature?

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.