Harry’s farewell kiss

It’s Harry’s last ever shift at the hospital before starting his new job as an MP. But he doesn’t want a big fanfare – as far as he’s concerned it’s business as usual.

Harry’s last day doesn’t go well when a pensioner dies as he and Selena try desperately to save him. And it gets worse when, despite his wishes, Nathan presents Harry with a carriage clock and gives a seemingly insincere farewell speech. Harry tells Nathan that his major campaign as MP will be to rid hospitals of incompetent managers!

Later, in Harry’s office, he admits to Selena how much he cares about people and Selena makes him realise that he may be able to do even more good in his new job as MP than he can by staying at the hospital – and the two share a kiss. Nathan goes up to Harry’s office to apologise and when he sees Harry and Selena in a passionate embrace, he rips Harry’s name off the door.

Meanwhile, new arrival Jeff proves a match for Dixie, which infuriates her. And Abs spots that Greg and Cyd fancy each other and tells Greg to make a move on her.