Harry wins the election

Harry abandons his campaign to tend to victims of a car accident. And when he decides to go along in the ambulance with the son and his critically ill father, his campaign manager says that this will be a great PR exercise – but then starts getting impatient when Harry insists on staying with the sick man. As Harry sees to more patients, his manager fears that they’ll miss the results being announced.

Meanwhile, Selena arrives at work and tells Kelsey, Abs, Sam and Tess that she has broken up with Nathan. Later, Nathan corners Kelsey and says that he’ll tell everyone her little secret unless she pays him back. But Kelsey says that everyone would be very interested to find out how he knows about it.

Later, a disgruntled Nathan tells Selena that Harry is only with the injured man to promote his campaign. Back at the hospital, the staff await the results of Harry’s campaign and whoop with delight when it’s announced on the radio that Harry has won with 50 per cent of the vote. Selena then warns Nathan that he needs to make more friends.

Elsewhere, after a series of failed attempts to talk Alice into not quitting the hospital, Sam comes up with a plan. He goes around collecting cash for Alice, who’s decided she wants to go travelling to the South American rainforest, and when she returns to the hospital to find reception covered in exotic plants, she’s so overwhelmed she decides to stay.

Also, Dixie falls asleep at the wheel as she and Cyd arrive at the scene of an accident.