Greg: I want you back Cyd!

Despite Greg’s best efforts to win Cyd back, she’s adamant that she’s not interested. When Greg makes Cyd jump and she breaks a mirror, Dixie reassures her that a broken mirror doesn’t necessarily mean bad luck.

Nadia is showing off two tickets she’s got for a Kylie concert and Kelsey is desperate to go. But Nadia invites Abs instead and when he says he’ll be busy working she does all she can to get his shift changed. Abs finally turns Nadia down and persuades her to invite Kelsey in his place.

Meanwhile, in a busy shopping centre, an elderly couple are trying to keep their boisterous grandson under control. The grandmother is horrified when the grandson climbs on a ride and falls over a balcony – but he’s caught by a psychic, named Zapphia, who’s trying to drum up business. As the grandmother rushes to her grandson’s aid, she stumbles on the escalator and her hair gets caught.

At the hospital, Jeff is amazed when Zapphia correctly guesses the winner of an upcoming horse race. He persuades her to predict another winner – and this time he puts money on it. Expecting the horse to romp home, Jeff organises a party and invites all the staff.

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