Disney gives the classic fairy tale The Snow Queen a modern-day spin to tell the story of two orphaned princesses (voiced by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel).

A massive global hit, the film bagged Oscars for Best Animation and Best Song (Let It Go).

The story follows chirpy optimist Anna (Bell) and her tormented sister Elsa (Menzel), who flees into self-imposed exile after her icy powers cast her kingdom into eternal winter.

Anna’s snowy quest to save her sibling, helped by ice merchant Kristoff (Jonathan Goff) and his reindeer Sven, is accompanied by enchanting visuals and show-stopping tunes.

Big-lunged Broadway diva Menzel claims the film’s vocal honours, but stealing the movie is comic relief Josh Gad’s winningly goofy talking snowman – who is too dim to realise that longing for the arrival of summer is not particularly wise for one of his kind.