Frankie fears that Danny is dead

*First episode*

Danny’s mum Viv has been worried by Frankie’s call asking after Danny’s whereabouts and she turns up in the Street to get to the bottom of his disappearance. Viv is horrified when Frankie admits that she’s yet to inform the police and she insists on going down the station.

Viv, Frankie and Jamie are told that a body was found in the river and are terrified that it might be Danny. Frankie is called in to identify the body…

Les is hung-over and feeling sorry for himself as he contemplates life without Cilla. The lady in question is outraged that her husband can only think of himself in her ‘hour of need’ and cruelly sets him a task. Cilla claims that her dying wish is to swim with the Dolphins in Florida! Les sets about thinking up ways to raise the cash.

Ashley and Claire are feeling the strain of Bev’s continuing presence in their house and try to think up ways to politely suggest that she’s outstayed her welcome, without being rude.

Also, Gail gives David an early Christmas present of a second-hand car, and Vernon asks Michelle to do a gig with the band but it clashes with her date with Steve.

*Second episode*

Frankie, Jamie and Viv are relieved after Frankie nervously goes in to identify the dead body and it turns out to not be Danny after all. Frankie and Jamie are worried that Viv will hear news of their affair when she announces she’s going down to the Rovers to make enquiries about Danny. Jamie feels obliged to tell her himself and she is thoroughly disgusted – so much so that, in front of the pub crowd, she accuses the pair of murdering Danny to make way for their sordid liaison!

Les steams ahead with trying to raise money for Cilla’s ‘dream fund’. Meanwhile, Cilla has a twinge of guilt that she’s lied about dying when she sees how upset Fiz and Chesney are. But the thought of getting her cheating hubby to humiliate himself in a bid to raise money is too much for Cilla to resist and she suggests that he and Yana do a charity stunt like sitting in a bath of beans.

Claire and Ashley breateh a sigh of relief when Bev announces that she’s going to move in with her pregnant daughter Shelley. But Bev feels bitter that the Peacocks are so pleased to see her go and in a fit of pique she insists on scattering her half of Fred’s ashes alone.

Also, Steve suggests he and Michelle combine their date with her gig, and Sophie convinces Vera that she’s clairvoyant after using details from Ivy’s old diary.