Frankie accuses Jamie of murder

After the scene in the Rovers with Viv, Jamie and Frankie are the talk of the street and they fend off constant digs about their affair. The seriousness of the situation sinks in when the police arrive at the café to question Frankie and she begins to wonder whether Jamie might have killed Danny after all.

Frankie confronts Jamie and demands to know the truth about the night Danny disappeared at the viaduct. Jamie is horrified at her accusations and storms out.

Claire continues to worry for Tracy’s safety as by now she is convinced that Charlie is abusing her ‘friend’. Claire invites Tracy and Amy to their house on Christmas Day and a devious Tracy worries her further by later saying that she’ll have to give it a miss as Charlie has refused to let her go.

Steve is getting nervous about his upcoming date with Michelle and he’s anxious to make an impression. Eileen can’t resist teasing her boss about his eagerness when she finds out he’s bought himself a new shirt and has booked in for a haircut. Michelle is secretly impressed that he’s making such an effort.

Also, Sophie relates a few more stories from the past lifted straight from Ivy’s diary and a gullible Vera is convinced that the teenager has psychic powers, while Gail thinks her bribe of a car has worked wonders on David’s behaviour.