Fiz and Tina plead with Kirsty’s mum!

As his future with Ruby begins to look more and more unlikely, Tyrone is glad of the help from Fiz and Tina. As they prepare to try anything to help their friend gain access to his daughter, they decide to contact Kirsty’s mum Alison. She’s shocked to hear Tyrone’s in prison as they claim that Kirsty beat him up.

Karl’s not quite ready to give up on the love of his life just yet and attempts to send Stella flowers, but she bins them and tell him to leave her alone as she looks forward to having Jason back that night. But as Gloria and Eva head to Eric’s funeral Karl seizes his chance and picks up Stella in his cab. On seeing her driver’s identity, Stella tries to climb out, but Karl has other ideas!

As Paul prepares for the Full Monty, he continues to be tormented by Eileen’s friends, but when Eileen learns that the show is being organised by Toni, a woman she’s never heard of, she’s immediately put on pins.

Also, Katy struggles to contain her jealousy as mate Steph paws Ryan in the pub; Owen offers Tim a few words of wisdom when he tells Faye he’s too busy to attend her school play.