First day nerves

It’s Diane’s first day as the locum consultant, and she’s getting some tough love from Dan. Dr Greene, the anaesthetist, tells her Dan’s asked him to keep an eye on her performance in theatre. When she asks him for some advice about force feeding an anorexic patients Dan tells her that she can’t keep expecting him to make her decisions, so she decides to proceed with the drip. The patient, eventually, agrees to accept the treatment. Success!

Kyla’s angry when Harvey brings Max to the hospital after he accepts some overtime. She tells her son off when she finds him playing a patient’s oxygen mask, but he counters that both his parents dump him when it’s inconvenient for them. Kyla loses control and slaps him, which Lola witnesses. Mark has a heart to heart with the boy and tells him he should apologise because otherwise Kyla will end up hating him. He does so, but Kyla realises he needs a male influence in his life… and so her ex Harvey gets a green light to spend more time with him.

Also, Sam and Chrissie deal with a patient who’s off hospital food. Connie tells Mark and Chrissie that the catering team have complained to her about patients ordering pizza in the ward – and some of Chrissie’s patients begin vomiting because of the pizzas…