Look who’s back: Finn returns to Chester and things get messy!

Tony's party in The Loft gets messy as Finn returns to Chester

Tony’s mate Finn rocks up in the village just in time for Tony’s special fancy-dress, ‘Throwback’, night at The Loft.

As the partying gets underway Diane is still worried that Tony’s hiding something from her, but she’s later furious when she catches Cindy making a move on her hubby on the dancefloor. The gloves are off as the two women go head-to-head!

Elsewhere Mandy turns up at the bash, dressed as a schoolgirl Britney Spears and hoping to see Luke, but has her ex got more urgent matters on his mind?

Finally Holly and Tom notice Milo’s tattoo and after doing a spot of detective work realise Milo is hiding his true identity. Eek! Who exactly is he then?