Faye’s past is revealed…

While being interviewed by police, Faye (Patsy Kensit) has flashbacks to her time in Dubai with her then husband, James. At the time, Faye and James had decided that she would stay in Dubai while he went back to England to buy a property so that they could earn some money.

They walk into a hospital and Faye greets a patient she knows called Mohammed. She then meets Jac and Joseph who are in Dubai to operate on Mohammed. Although Joseph has reservations about carrying out the op on Mohammed, he and Jac decide to go ahead with it anyway – with Jac lying that she’s done it before.

That night, Faye discovers that James hasn’t bought a property in England – but he has blown all of their money. Later, Faye walks down the stairs and steps over James’ body, lying in a pool of blood on the floor. En route to the airport in a taxi, Joseph does a U-turn to pick up Faye.

Back at Holby, Maddy gets a surprise when her dad pays her a visit. When he collapses in the staffroom and needs emergency surgery, Dan and Maddy discover he’s an escaped con. When Dan says they should call the police, Maddy begs him not to. But Ric does call them and when they arrive to question Maddy’s father, he’s disappeared.

Also, Maddy sets Maria a test to find out if Matt is gay.

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