Farewell Diane…

Deciding she’s had enough of Holby, Diane hands her resignation into Connie. An irritated Connie doesn’t appreciate Diane’s lack of notice but a sympathetic Elliot asks Diane to reconsider quitting. Ric’s angry about Diane’s bad attitude to performing unauthorised surgery and tells her that their friendship is over.

Trying to convince Diane not to be rash, Elliot suggests she go on sabbatical and loans her the keys to a country cottage and to Gina’s old car. Diane takes them and drives off. Pleased that Diane seems to be thinking things over, Connie and Elliot are then shocked to learn that she has died in a car accident.

When Chrissie broadcasts details of Sam and Faye’s relationship, Sam pleads with Chrissie to be more discrete in future. Later, when Faye turns down his invite for dinner, Sam fears he may have ruined things with her. Meanwhile, Chrissie takes a shine to computer engineer Anton, and Sam is taken aback when he later sees Anton waiting to take her out.

Also, Lady Byrne’s fears that her husband is having an affair are confirmed when she spots Jac wearing a bracelet that belonged to Lord Byrne’s mother.

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