Everyone’s talking about Sam

Sam arrives at work to find out that Chrissie’s gone and he’s oblivious to the fact that everyone is gossiping. While working on a paediatric case together, Sam asks Mark where Chrissie is and Mark abruptly tells him that she can’t tolerate him sleeping with underage girls. When Mark takes Sam off the case, Connie demands to know why – and Faye tells her everything.

Meanwhile, Donna turns up for work dressed up to the nines after her big win. Dean and Lara are expecting a cut of their winnings, but Donna insists it was her scratch card, so her winnings! But when Dean wheelchair breaks down, Donna offers to buy him a new one, to resolve her guilty conscience.

Elsewhere, Matt is surprised to see Nikki in AAU with her dad, who has been admitted. When Matt successfully treats her father, Nikki is overjoyed and when she realises that Matt got into trouble with Lola for defending her she suggests they go out for a drink. Matt agrees – and finds Nikki hard to resist.