Emmerdale spoilers: WEDDING DAY DISASTER? A mud-splattered Lisa Dingle gets ready to marry Zack

It's time for Lisa Dingle and Zack to get married but things get off to a terrible start thanks to an emergency at home....

It’s been a roller-coaster of emotions ever since Lisa Dingle (Jane Cox) and Zack made their recent return to Emmerdale.

First of all the family was utterly floored when Lisa opened up and revealed that she was terminally ill with a heart-condition and just as they were struggling to take in the  sad news, soon after Zack and Lisa announced they were going to get married.

An emotional Zack recently proposed to his long-term partner and earlier in the week vicar Harriet offered to marry the couple as soon as possible. With just a couple of days notice the Dingle clan have rallied together to make it an extra special wedding day for Zack and Lisa and today is the day!

Lisa has been delighted that all her family have pulled together and thrown their energy into supporting her and Zack.

As the wedding day arrives it’s a very poignant moment when she gets into her wedding dress and emerges down the stairs much to the delight of her daughter Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) and friend Lydia Hart (Karen Blick).

Lisa Dingle

Lisa Dingle emerges in her wedding dress

However there’s a setback looming as just as Lisa is ready to make her way to the church, chaos ensues when some of the Dingles’ pigs escape and start running amok.

Zack Dingle and Lisa Dingle

Groom Zack and Sam start to worry about what has happened to Lisa

The bridal party does their best to try and contain the cheeky animals but even Cain (Jeff Hordley) can’t control them and is sent flying into the mud in his smart suit.

As things escalate bride Lisa decides there’s only one thing for it, she’ll have to sort the situation herself.

Meanwhile a nervous Zack waits at the church. Thankfully it’s not too long before a Lisa makes her entrance on Cain’s arm.

Lisa Dingle

…although she is dishevelled and splattered with mud after her chase with the pigs!

Lisa Dingle

Lisa Dingle and Zack Dingle

After getting off to a chaotic and stressful start, will the rest of the ceremony go without a hitch?

This is the first episode of Emmerdale on this evening.