Emmerdale spoilers! Who’s the daddy: Is Graham Foster Millie Tate’s father?

An incident at Home Farm sees Millie Tate rushed to hospital…

Yet another secret emerges about Emmerdale’s Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) in Monday night’s episode as it’s revealed he had a one-night stand with Jamie Tate’s wife Andrea (Anna Nightingale)!

The shock truth is revealed when little Millie Tate is knocked down by one of her gran Kim’s (Claire King) horses. In the saddle, Jamie is horrified when the horse bucks and strikes Millie!

Millie gets knocked down in Emmerdale

At Home Farm Jamie is in the saddle of one of his mum’s horses when it bucks and knocks down his daughter Millie!

As the Tates rush into hospital with the child, Graham is there as worried Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) and Andrea hand over their daughter’s vital statistics. When Graham hears Millie’s date of birth, his blood runs cold.

Later, Graham takes Andrea to one side and asks her if Millie is his, revealing their fling during the snatched conversation. Turns out Graham and Andrea’s past connection, when he paid her to spy on Jamie for jailed Kim, wasn’t just a business arrangement! Is Graham Millie’s dad?

Graham demands answers from Andrea in Emmerdale

One-night stand revealed! Graham asks Andrea if he’s Millie’s dad

In the Woolpack, Faith’s (Sally Dexter) forced to knock back Bear (Joshua Richards), yet again. In earshot of the pair’s conversation, Belle’s sickened by what she hears next…

Faith rejects Bear's advances in Emmerdale

Faith knocks back keen bean Bear

Emmerdale continues on ITV.