Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn is in DANGER when she tries to trap rapist Lee

Having been paid by Robert to trap Victoria's attacker Lee, Dawn puts the plan into action

So Emmerdale‘s Robert’s (Ryan Hawley) managed to persuade Dawn (Olivia Bromley) to do his dodgy bidding.

With the single mum desperate to raise money to support her son Lucas, who’s in care, she put herself in danger to lure Victoria’s rapist, Lee (Kris Mochrie), into a trap.

Horrified about what his husband has organised, Aaron (Danny Miller) rushes out to try to find Dawn, not realising she’s already located her target. When Lee takes Dawn somewhere ‘quieter’, will Aaron and Robert get to her in time or is Dawn in very real danger of being attacked by rapist Lee?

Aaron and Robert head out to try to rescue Dawn who’s alone with Victoria’s rapist Lee

In conversation with Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker), Rhona (Zoe Henry) pretends to be excited about her engagement to Pete. But inside, she’s scared about what she’s got herself in to…

This is the second of tonight’s episodes.