Emmerdale spoilers: TWISTED! Dawn Taylor is HORRIFIED by her dad’s DEADLY plan

Dawn discovers her dad Will's revenge plan for vicar Harriet has turned deadly

Things are spiralling out of control for Dawn (Olivia Bromley). She’s locked into a revenge plan with her dangerous dad Will (Dean Andrews) who is gunning to get his own back on Harriet. The former druglord – who Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) got sent to prison during her time as an undercover cop – wants to even the scores, and Dawn’s helping him.

Now, with Harriet in the know about Will being alive and on release from prison, Dawn’s in a really sticky situation with the vicar who’s been harassed for weeks by Will. When Dawn came back into Harriet’s life she told him her dad was dead – and recently she told the vicar she’s not been in touch with Will!

With Harriet helping her to try to get her son out of custody, she needs the vicar but she’s also sworn her loyalty to her father.

But torn Dawn is about to get sucked even deeper into Will’s dark and scary scam. Back at Woodbine, Dawn’s shocked when she finds a box full of orders of service celebrating Harriet’s life and realises her dad’s plan for the vicar has turned deadly…

Emmerdale continues tomorrow on ITV.