Emmerdale spoiler! Has Mandy Dingle’s stolen cash all gone up in smoke?

A bag of stolen cash goes up in smoke as angry Aaron confronts scheming Mandy about what she's been up to…

A huge Dingle drama brews in Emmerdale and explodes when Chas (Lucy Pargeter) rumbles Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) with a bag choc full of cash and stolen casino chips!

As the family rail at Mandy, Aaron (Danny Miller) later tells his cousin he can help her get the chips changed up into hard fast cash.

Later, however, when Aaron meets Mandy at the scrapyard with the goods he turns on Mandy laying into her for sponging off the family. When he informs her he’s taken a cut of her loot as ‘commission’, Mandy flips! The pair then launch into an argument during which Aaron ‘accidentally’ bungs the stash into a burning barrel!

Aaron rebukes Mandy in Emmerdale

A huge argument blows up between Aaron and Mandy at the scrapyard

Jai (Chris Bisson) gets a huge shock when Dan (Liam Fox) arrives with Archie – Jai’s estranged young son – and the sad news that Archie’s mum, Rachel, has died.

Jai tries to get close to his son in Emmerdale

Dan brings Archie to see Jai who reels to see his estranged son Archie and learns that Archie’s mum, Rachel, has died

Meanwhile, Rishi (Bhasker Patel) hands out samples from his new venture, and Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) bumps into Derek (Tommy Cannon) who’s a patient at the surgery.

Rishi hands out chocolate samples in Emmerdale

At David’s shop, Rishi introduces his new venture and hands out samples to customer Derek, who’s one of Manpreet’s patients

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