Emily hasn’t got long to live

Panicking as he tries to rouse an unconscious Emily, Brad manages to get her into the boat and waves to Cassie and Macca for help. Later, at the hospital the doctor tells Brad that Emily is in bad shape and isn’t going to get any better – she’s only got a couple of days to live at the most.

Back in the Bay, Kim unsettles Rachel by informing her he still wants to live in the city – he’s afraid that the damage is already done. Martha thinks Kim is crazy to want to leave and Kim has second thoughts when Tony offers him the job of joint gym manager with Amanda’s agreement.

The chemistry between Cassie and Macca is stronger than ever as he drops her home, but Cassie breaks the moment, and asks him to leave. Macca backs off and heads to Martha’s where his questions about Cassie and Ric arouse her suspicions that he’s interested in Cassie.

Later at Martha’s dinner party in honour of Kim, an unnerved Cassie makes an early exit, leaving Macca frustrated. The following day, Macca confronts Cassie, telling her she knows there’s something between them. Cassie can’t resist any longer and gives in to Macca’s advances. The pair share a passionate kiss…