Emily deteriorates

Brad and Sally race to the hospital, but Brad is devastated when Rachel tells them Emily has taken a turn for the worse and she hasn’t got much time left. In her hospital bed, Emily asks Sally to take care of Brad and gives her a letter to give to Brad to read once she is gone.

Meanwhile, Emily asks Brad if they can recreate their first date together. Brad agrees to her dying wish and later, they sit staring at the ocean watching the sun rise before Emily passes away.

Cassie tells Macca she’s worried that keeping their affair secret is getting out of hand, and later Macca lies to Martha that he’s found another woman – his dream girl. At Martha and Jack’s dinner party, Jack’s interested to see Cassie and Macca arrive together and wonders if there’s more going on with them than meets the eye. The conversation is steered to Macca’s dream girl, but when he describes her, Jack is left with no doubt that he’s describing Cassie.

Later, as Macca helps Jack clean up, Jack tells Macca he knows that he and Cassie are together. Macca asks Jack to keep it quiet, and not to tell Martha.