Elliot’s Wonderful Life

With just minutes to go before Izzy’s heart transplant, Elliot walks out of theatre in a daze as the day’s events finally take their toll. With his daughter Martha injured from the crossbow shootings which killed Zoe, and son James facing a prison sentence, Elliot hits rock bottom and decides to end it all.

As Elliot prepares to jump of a bridge into the icy water below, an elderly man named George (played by Richard Briers) interrupts him and asks if he’ll help a woman about to give birth. Elliot wishes he was never born and, in the style of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, George grants his wish…

George shows Elliot what the world would be like without him. Joseph is a patient in a psychiatric ward, Darwin has been closed down following the shootings, Connie doesn’t recognise him and Mark is in a wheelchair. Finally, Elliot visits his late wife Gina, who says that she’s worried her family will fall apart without her.

Realising all the good he has done, Elliot decides he wants his life back. He returns to Holby to successfully operate on Izzy and enjoy an emotional family reunion with Martha and James.