Elle steps up her vendetta against Max

With Charlie being discovered safe and sound, Max’s sanity is in real doubt. But Steph supports his theory that perhaps a vengeful Paul could be responsible. However Lyn is furious at Max’s accusation and tells Steph to get Max professional help.

Toadie also agrees that Max needs counselling, and suggests he takes some time to sort himself out. Desperate, Steph asks Max to consider treatment, and Max agrees. But later, when Max and Boyd discover Elle has faked his signature on a huge order at ScarletBar, Max wonders if she’s the one who’s really out for revenge.

Elle draws Boyd into her plot against Max by detailing all his odd behaviour and pointing out that Toadie has the hots for Steph. Boyd’s not happy when he sees Toadie comforting Steph about Max, and warns him to stay away from his stepmum.

Paul continues to try to be a normal neighbour by inviting Karl and Susan around for dinner. But the evening is a disaster, with Paul’s social blunders leading him to believe he can’t cut it in the ordinary suburban world.

Also, Susan confronts Karl about his lack of support for Rachel, but Karl maintains he’s not there to be Rachel and Zeke’s dad, he just wants to be their mate.