Eileen spies on Paul (VIDEO)

When Eileen admits to Julie she’s insecure about Paul working with Toni she suggests they go to the fire station and take a look at her. She manages to finally coax Julie into accompanying her to spy on Paul and his female work colleague, but Paul is furious when he catches the pair in the act!

Stella’s incensed when Karl turns up at the pub and orders him to leave. Gloria defends Karl, but when Stella snaps and reveals he kidnapped her last night Gloria, Jason and Steve react angrily. Sunita enjoys watching Karl’s downfall, but she’s shaken when he blames her for wrecking his life and vows to make her pay.

Kirsty prepares to visit the police and confess her lie until she spies Alison talking to Tyrone’s allies, Katy and Fiz. Feeling like she’s walked into a trap, Kirsty decides not to own up to her actions.

Also, Faye tells Brian she only needs two tickets for the school play; Despite her vow to back away from Ryan and be loyal to Chesney, Katy finds it difficult to contain her jealousy when she sees her new love interest head out on the town with her friend Steph.