EastEnders Spoilers: Vincent Hubbard plots to trap Phil Mitchell!

Vincent plays a dangerous game when he tries to find out information on Phil, Billy and Woody’s rivalry hots up and Masood and Ian vie to land an investor.

Vincent sets to work trying to find out more information for DI Franklin. He attempts to get to the bottom of what happened to Willmott-Brown’s son Luke. Vincent tries extracting information from Phil, but doesn’t manage to get anywhere with his questions. When he meets up with Franklin to give him an update, he’s told that he now has just 24 hours to find out the information that Franklin needs – or get thrown in jail himself!

Mel is irritated by Woody and Billy, who are constantly attempting to get one up on each other at the club. Woody is left stewing when Billy winds him up about failing to win back Whitney. Later, Billy spots Woody chatting to Honey, and accuses him of flirting with his ex. Realising things are getting out of hand, the pair call a truce. They agree that both Whitney and Honey are off limits.

Kathy breaks the news to Ian that an ‘Angel Investor’ – someone interested in stumping up cash for small businesses – is heading to Walford. Ian is chuffed and starts planning a pitch, hoping that Masood won’t find out about the investor. When Kathy tells Masood, however, Masood is on the case. Both he and Ian get appointments to discuss their business ideas.

Also, Michelle tries to fix what’s happened but will she tell tales on Hunter and Louise?