EastEnders spoilers: Slaters make a big decision and will Mick Carter stop Stuart recruiting Halfway for his sexual predator mission?

What's next for Mick Carter?

Mick Carter was shocked when he found out about Stuart’s involvement in trying to bring down sexual predators. Stuart has insisted to an uneasy Mick that there’s no violence involved – he simply compiles evidence and hands it to the police.

Mick Carter with Stuart

Mick is uneasy with what Stuart is up to

Stuart recruits Halfway to accompany him on a predator meeting, but Mick manages to talk Halfway out of it. But then Halfway snaps and says he can’t let his brother down – does this spell big trouble?

Meanwhile, the Slaters are stunned when they see Hayley’s online advert selling the cab for £10,000!

But Jean gets nostalgic when she sees a picture of when the Slaters first arrived in Walford in Charlie’s cab and sensing that Jean isn’t ready to part with the memories they all agree not to sell the cab.

Motormouth: Hayley has got Charlie's cab working

Motormouth: Hayley has got Charlie’s cab working

Elsewhere, Max and Rainie get ready to make their best impression on the social worker. Will their happy families act work?