EastEnders spoilers: The Slaters receive a mysterious key from beyond the grave!

What does the key unlock?

If there’s one thing The Slaters are good at, it’s spotting a moneymaking opportunity and that’s exactly what happens for Hayley Slater when a mysterious key lands on their doorstep.

When an envelope arrives at Stacey Slater’s house, the family would be forgiven for thinking it could be something sinister from one of “psychic” Mo’s clients who has just worked out she’s a fake. But instead, there’s a key inside the envelope that just happens to belong to Charlie’s black cab.

The Slaters with the black cab

The Slaters with the black cab

As Stacey, Mo, Kat and Jean all start to reminisce about lovely Uncle Charlie, Hayley has got pound signs in her eyes, especially when mechanic Keanu Taylor reveals the cab could be worth more than £10,000 if they got it up and running.

Meanwhile, Max (played by Jake Wood) and Rainie try to get character references to support their custody battle for baby Abi.

Patrick with a flask

Rum deal: Patrick gets a shock when he goes to pour Ted’s flask thinking it’s rum…

And Bernie realises that Mitch stole the cash Patrick intended for Ted. Plus Patrick looks like he might get more than he bargained for when he goes for a drink with Ted at The Vic…

This episode is one-hour long.