EastEnders spoilers: Mitch Baker tells Bailey the tragic truth about her mum

Karen convinces Mitch to be honest with Bailey about Dinah’s death, a lovesick Bex is determined to get Kush’s attention, and Callum brings Whitney a gift.

Karen comes up with a plan to cheer up a miserable Bailey by arranging a picnic in the park. Karen still thinks that Mitch should be honest with Bailey about Dinah’s death but Mitch can’t bring himself to tell her.

The picnic starts off well but things soon take a turn when Dennis gets hit in the face. Mitch is mortified when Bailey reveals it was her fault. He wants to tell her off, but Mick and Linda feel bad for Bailey and encourage him to go easy on her. Later, Bailey confesses to Karen that Ollie was the real culprit and she was just trying to project him. Karen passes the news onto Mitch and convinces him that Bailey needs to hear the truth. Mitch comforts Bailey as he reveals that her mum took her own life.

Bex is in pieces after her big love confession to Kush as he hasn’t been in contact with her. The upset teen ends up having a go at a shocked Sonia for no reason. Determined to see Kush, she heads into the market to find him. Feeling awkward, Kush is relieved when Martin interrupts causing Bex to hurriedly leave.

Kush confesses to a surprised Martin that Bex has a crush on him and Martin promises that he’ll have a word with his daughter. Bex, however, is determined to get Kush on his own by any means possible… Louise is sceptical that Bex’s plan will work but Bex won’t be swayed. She uses the key that Kush gave her to his flat to let lets herself in. Will she do something she regrets?

EastEnders Callum Highway and Whitney Dean

Callum gives Whitney a present

Whitney and Callum get the keys to their new flat and are delighted to have their own home at last. Callum surprises Whitney with a special gift to mark the occasion. It’s Callum’s last shift in the Vic and Mick makes a big fuss of him.

Also, Ruby is jealous when she sees Jay comforting Lola after she has a run in with Billy. Kim makes a shock discovery about Kathy.

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