EastEnders spoilers: Will Masood Ahmed’s date go to plan?

Masood has a date but it’s not what he expects, Mick tells Stuart he wants him out of Walford, and Jack is on a mission to make Mel stay in the Square.

Masood is nervous ahead of his meeting with Habib’s daughter Amal and Arshad has to give him a pep talk. Masood is hopeful their ‘date’ will go well as he tries to impress her but it takes a while for the penny to drop that Amal isn’t Habib’s daughter after all!

Masood meets Amal

Linda decides to take a trip out of Walford to go and visit Lee. Mick’s left in the pub with Shirley but when he finds Stuart watching TV with Shirley and Ollie he is horrified. After their confrontation the day before, Mick doesn’t want Stuart in the house.

Mick tells Stuart to leave he’s angered when instead, Stuart hangs around trying to reminisce about the old days.

Jack is on a mission to help Mel get things straight with Phil and Sharon following the robbery at the club.

Jack accuses Billy of stealing the money

He sets out to discover who was behind stealing money from the E20 using his old detective skills – and he suspects Billy.

Jack is hopeful that if he gets the money back for Mel it will convince her to stay in Walford. Will he have success?