EastEnders spoilers: Kim Hubbard is asked to identify Vincent’s body!

Kim is horrified when a body might be Vincent, Mick has a run in with Stuart, and Masood and Ian’s business rivalry hots up.

Kim Hubbard is shocked when she realises that Vincent has cleared out Pearl’s savings account. She heads to the police station, thinking it might be a clue that will help the police find him. When she gets to the station, however, Kim is horrified. She’s told that they’ve found a body matching Vincent’s description… As Kim leaves, she collapses!

Kim Hubbard at the police station

Mick is still feeling down after recent events and he’s surprised to learn that Linda has called Stuart to cheer him up. Mick realises he must appear to be in a bad way if Linda’s ignored her dislike of Stuart for his sake! Halfway joins them and they’re having a laugh. But when Mick steals Stuart’s phone as a prank, Stuart is panicky. Why is he so upset?

Masood finds out that a successful businessman called Habib Hussein is holding a business event. He suggests to Ian that they go along, but Ian decides he’s better off on his own.

Ian tells Masood to get back to the chip shop

In a bid to get revenge on Ian for trying to leave him out yet again, Masood calls environmental health and tells them the chippy’s got rats!

Masood heads to the event instead of Ian, but he doesn’t have long to savour his victory… Ian turns up at the event and sends him packing!

Also, Jack wants Mel to realise that Hunter’s been lying to get rid of him. After a plea from Jack, Mel agrees to hear him out, and doubts about Hunter telling the truth begin to sneak in. Mel visits Louise to get her side about their break up. Then Louise tells her everything…