EastEnders spoilers: Can Keanu Taylor save a kidnapped Louise?

Keanu, Phil and Ben try to save a kidnapped Louise from Danny, Sharon learns some shock news about Phil, and Jay makes Ruby a surprise offer.

Keanu Taylor is in a panic after seeing Louise getting bundled into a car by Midge. He calls Phil, who turns up with Ben in tow.

Sharon is concerned about the commotion and tries to find out what’s going on. Phil refuses to tell her and orders her to keep quiet. Phil soon realises that Danny is behind the kidnapping, concerning Ben that Phil may get too close to the truth. They race to the docks to find Louise, who has been locked in a shipping container.

When Keanu, Phil and Ben arrive, Phil heads off to hunt down Danny and insists that Ben stay put. Keanu manages to find Louise but as he starts to untie her, he’s knocked unconscious by Midge, who locks them both in the container…

Sharon realises that Louise has been kidnapped and thinks it must be to do the drugs gang. She questions Dennis and Tiffany but Tiff insists that Louise’s abduction is nothing to do with the gang. Sharon tells Kathy that Louise is in danger.

A furious Kathy thinks Phil has implicated Ben. Tensions reach breaking point between the women and Billy tries to calm things down. When he ends up accidentally dropping Phil in it, there is big trouble, as a guilty Lola watches on.

EastEnders Ruby Allen and Jay Mitchell

Ruby meets up with Jay

Jay meets up with Ruby who shares the good news that Matt and Ross have now been sentenced. Feeling bad about betraying Ruby with Lola, he confesses that they kissed. Much to Ruby’s surprise, Jay insists that he still like her and he wants to make things official between them. Will Ruby accept?

EastEnders Chantelle Atkins and Kim Fox Hubbard

Chantelle offers Kim a drink

Also, Kush finds Kat in The Vic and buys her a drink, as he needs some advice about something. Shirley is concerned about Jean who is obviously struggling to deal with the kids. Kim gives Chantelle a hard time.

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