EastEnders spoilers: Jack Branning snogs Mel Owen! Will she stay?

Jack gets closer to finding the E20 burglar, Denise ruins Kim’s meal with Carmel, and Masood is surprised when his date shows up for a second go!

Mel Owen prepares to move away but a desperate Jack Branning is determined to find out who stole the money from the club. Jack confronts Mo, knowing she’s hiding something, but he gets nowhere.

When Jack sees Mo picking a bag up out of the bins, he corners her and demands to know what she’s up to. He insists she hand him the bag, saying otherwise he’ll get the police onto her. When they open the bag, however, instead of being full of money, it’s filled with mostly tissue plus a few notes! Will Mo reveal who was responsible for robbing the club?

Kim gets locked out of her house and Robbie comes over to help – but gets stuck up a ladder! Who’s going to rescue Robbie?!

Robbie goes to help Kim

Robbie gets stuck up the ladder!

Kim makes a big effort to prepare a family meal in a bid to get things back to normal after her recent shock.

She and Denise have Carmel over for dinner but the meal doesn’t go to plan when Denise gets tipsy and accidentally reveals that Kim is pregnant!

Also, Masood is surprised when Amal turns up at the chippy and suggests that they go out on a date. But is she on the level?