EastEnders Spoilers: Hunter Owen accuses Michelle Fowler of kissing him!

Michelle is horrified when Hunter makes a false accusation, Vincent turns informant on Phil and Masood has a business idea.

Michelle has her first day tutoring Hunter but things get off to a bad start as she walks in on a half-dressed Louise and Hunter! Louise is terrified that she’ll get in trouble and she and Hunter beg Michelle to keep what she saw to herself. Realising that tutoring Hunter is not going to work out for her, Michelle tells Mel she’s going to quit. She is horrified when a livid Mel later confronts her and accuses her of trying to kiss Hunter! Michelle is deeply upset by Hunter’s lie. Her past comes back to bite her when Sharon clearly has doubts over her innocence.

Vincent is so desperate for money that he meets up with DI Franklin and tells him he has information for him about the heist. Vincent reveals that Aidan was the ringleader and Phil was also involved. Although Vincent has an audio recording to prove their guilt, Franklin tells Vincent that he needs more. Vincent is unsure but when Franklin offers him an envelope of cash as a down payment he is tempted…

Masood is horrified to discover that his ice cream van has been vandalised. But it does give him a business idea… Masood comes up with a plan to bring street food to Walford but he needs a cash investment. Realising Mo could help, he asks her if she could set up a crowd-funding page for his new business. But is asking Mo really a good idea?!

Also, Woody and Billy clash at E20 – then Billy finds out Woody is his and Donna’s new housemate!