EastEnders Spoilers: An unstable Bobby Beale is tipped over the edge!

Bobby Beale takes shock action after a discovery, Jean Slater's worried about her friend Daniel Cook and Chantelle Atkins is up for a challenge...

Bobby Beale has a huge set to with Rainie Branning in EastEnders. But things get nasty as Rainie confesses to Bobby the whole sordid and shocking truth about her and his dad Ian Beale, as Ian was paying her for sex on the night that Bobby killed Lucy.

Distraught, Bobby talks to Max Branning then chucks a bucket of water over his dad before storming off. Stunned and furious with Bobby’s actions, Ian is shocked when Max tells him that Bobby knows the truth. Max encourages Ian to be honest with his son. When he finds Bobby packing his stuff to leave he begs him to stay. Although Ian manages to take him round, Bobby is on the edge and he takes drastic action to confront his past…

Jean Slater is wracked with nerves ahead of her operation. Her new friend Daniel Cook does his best to distract her but all his efforts fall flat. When Jean asks Daniel how he’s doing, he’s evasive and it makes her suspicious. Although she tries to find out if something’s up, Daniel brushes off all her questions. Kat Moon turns up at the hospital to support Jean and she’s grateful for the company.

EastEnders Gray wishes Chantelle good luck in Eastenders

Gray wishes Chantelle good luck

Chantelle Atkins is feeling anxious about the upcoming hairdressing competition. As everyone rallies round to help her out, she’s grateful, especially when she finds she has an unexpected model!

Also, Rainie uses baby Abi to her advantage. Sonia and Bianca get an anonymous gift.

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