Dylan learns who’s the real dad

Dylan is stunned by the revelation that Stingray is the real father of Sky’s baby. Feeling betrayed, he furiously leaves a distraught Sky and goes to find his brother, as he returns from his camping trip with Rachel. Cool and calm, Dylan tells Stingray he wants to take him away for a buck’s night.

Meanwhile, Sky fears for Stingray’s safety. And Janelle is so furious when Lou and Harold reveal the truth about Stingray, she berates Sky for her treacherous and deceitful behaviour, while Bree is convinced Dylan will kill Stingray, and blames Sky for destroying her family.

While the search is on for Dylan and Stingray, Janelle hopes that Bree’s theory will be proved wrong, but when neither boy returns before nightfall, Janelle begins to fear the worst.

While Sky is feeling distraught and alone, a grim Dylan takes Stingray into the city, promising his brother a night he’ll never forget. Stingray is excited at the prospect and is completely unaware of his brother’s thirst for revenge.

Also, Zeke plays his first game with the Dingoes and is the hero after triumphantly scoring the winning point for the game.