Drew confesses he’s attracted to Amanda

While Drew lies unconscious after being attacked, Jack worries about his safety and alerts Leah and Dan to the fact that he may be in danger. Later, Amanda and Belle are on their way home when they see Drew lying on the ground. He’s taken to hospital where Jack reveals that someone is targeting him.

Later, Drew returns from hospital, and insists on getting stuck into Amanda’s gardening. But he’s flustered when Amanda innocently comments on his physique, and ends up confessing to a shocked Amanda that he can’t get her out of his mind.

Jack upsets Martha by missing dinner again and gets a frosty reception when he arrives home. He realises his marriage is in more trouble than he thought when Martha accuses him of caring more about his career than their marriage.

Dean is questioned about the attack on Dean, but his alibi checks out. Later, Lucas follows Dean to the cliff top and sees him meet Gareth. They argue, before sharing a kiss. Lucas is shocked to discover Dean is gay.

Later, Lucas rattles Dean by accusing him of hurting Drew, but Matilda has had enough of Lucas’s accusations and demands he leaves Dean alone. Then Lucas hears Dean make a suspicious phone call and wonders what he’s hiding.