Drew and Belle don’t get far

Drew packs his bags to skip town with Belle, but is interrupted by Ryan who wants to know where he’s going. Drew admits he’s leaving home for a bit and makes Ryan promise not to tell Leah.

Later, when Leah asks Ryan where Drew is, he blurts out the truth, and as Belle and Drew walk down the road trying to hitch a ride to the city, a car containing Leah and Amanda pulls over – they’ve been rumbled!

Back home, Amanda rips into the pair who protest that all they want is to see each other. Amanda finds a solution by suggesting Drew works at her place – that way he can see Belle under supervision.

Cassie reminds the newly returned Macca she’s with Ric now but Macca tells her he just wants to be friends and Cassie agrees to let him rent a caravan. Later, Ric overhears Macca tell Alf and Ailsa about the caravan, and questions Cassie on why she hasn’t mentioned Macca’s return. Cassie uneasily explains she is trying to deal with it herself and reassures Ric she no longer has any feelings for Macca.

At the retreat, Mattie and Dean get closer and following a heart to heart, share a kiss. But unfortunately, they’re clocked by a crushed Lucas.