Doctors spoilers: Zara and Emma are on a manhunt!

All the single ladies! Emma agrees to help Zara put her marriage misery behind her on Doctors and the medics sign-up to a dating website!

Things have been a bit awkward at the surgery since Zara Carmichael’s (played by Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) soon-to-be ex-husband Daniel Granger (Matthew Chambers) officially started a relationship with their co-worker Becky Clarke (Ali Bastian) on Doctors.

So, the best way to get over someone is to… well, sign-up for internet dating!

To show her support, Emma Reid (Dido Miles) has agreed to join Zara’s manhunt. The medics are excited when they arrange a double date with some firefighters for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Becky confides in nurse Ayesha Lee (Laura Rollins) that she is really falling for Daniel and is pretty sure he feels the same way. However, there’s still the question of why hasn’t Daniel been in any rush to tell people about their relationship. Could he be pre-occupied with the reality that his and Zara’s marriage is most definitely over now she’s on the lookout for a new man?

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, Karen Hollins (Jan Pearson) becomes concerned about an old school friend, Beatrice Taylor (Janet Amsden), when her 50something nephew Martin Taylor (Tim Plester) unexpectedly turns-up after travelling and asks her for £2,000!

Doctors 2019/20 - S20 - ep 161

Is Beatrice’s nephew Martin a bad ‘un on Doctors? (Picture: BBC)

Martin claims he has a friend in Turkey who will let him stay at his home if Martin pays some money upfront. But is he just trying to con his Aunty Beatrice?

Doctors 2019/20 - S20 - ep 161

Ellie complains about Sid because he refuses to write her a sicknote for work after her hair turns bright green on Doctors! (Picture: BBC)

And, back at the surgery, a patient Ellie Durkin (Evie Killip) registers a complaint against Dr Sid Vere (Ashley Rice) after he refuses to write her a sicknote for work because her hair has accidentally turned green. Talk about a bad hair day!

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