Doctors spoilers: Will Rob find out about Emma’s sexy dreams?

Things could get awkward for Emma when she suspects Karen has told her husband Rob all about Emma's nighttime fantasies on Doctors!

Dr Emma Reid (played by Dido Miles) is in the bad books on Doctors after surgery receptionst Karen Hollins (Jan Pearson) found out Emma has been having secret SEXY dreams about Karen’s policeman husband Rob (Chris Walker).

Karen has forbid Emma to have any more naughty nighttime fantasies… but that is easier said than done!

Despite her best efforts, Emma continues to dream about Rob. So when Emma sees Rob and Karen having a hushed, private conversation in the surgery, she fears Karen has told him her secret. How embarassing and awkward!

Meanwhile, receptionist Valerie Pitman (Sarah Moyle) wants to know if Emma has had any racy dreams about anyone else at The Mill! Has she?

Deciding enough is enough, no-nonsense Zara Carmichael (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) decides she may have a solution to Emma’s problem. But what is it?

Elsewhere, Becky Clarke (Ali Bastian) is getting tired of being Daniel Granger’s (Matthew Chambers) girlfriend in the shadows.

Now that all their colleagues at the surgery know about their relationship, Becky thinks Daniel should tell his children Joe and Izzy about them.

Doctors 2019/20

Nick clashes with his wife Shelly (played by former Bad Girls star Victoria Alcock) over his diabetes on Doctors (Picture: BBC)

But will Becky agree to be patient when Daniel admits he’s afraid of telling Joe, worrying how his son will adjust to the news his dad is dating a new woman?

And surgery nurse Ayesha Lee (Laura Rollins) has her hands full trying to convince a stressed-out patient Nick Chapman (Ian Burfield) to start taking his diabetes seriously.

But will Nick heed the warning before something terrible happens?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One