Doctors spoilers: Will Daniel and Becky get back together again?

It looks like Zara's angry outburst at love-rival Becky could backfire on Doctors, when Daniel decides to rekindle things with Becky!

There’s tension at the surgery on Doctors, after Dr Zara Carmichael’s (played Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) angry showdown with co-worker Becky Clarke (Ali Bastian) over her secret fling with Zara’s estanged husband Daniel Granger (Matthew Chambers).

But if Zara thought she was triumphant, she may not be smiling for long…

She is forced to face-up to her feelings when Daniel confronts Zara about the way she treated Becky. He wants to know why she didn’t say anything about him and Becky sooner if it bothered her so much.

Zara points out Daniel is free to date who ever he wants, as long as he respects her. So how will Zara react when Daniel reveals his intentions to rekindle his romance with Becky and go public!

Has Zara’s angry outburst had the opposite effect and helped reunite Daniel and Becky instead?

Doctors, Jimmi Clay

Jimmi supports parents Theresa and Jack, who must decide whether to switch off their baby’s life support machine on Doctors. (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, at the hospital there’s more bad news for parents Theresa Sutton (Ibinabo Jack) and her husband Phil  (Jack Bennett) after the pre-mature birth of their son, Josh at just seven months.

Dr Janet Fielding (Emma Cunniffe) delivers the terrible news that Josh is only breathing with the help of a machine, and it might be kinder to switch it off…

Faced with an agonising dilemma, Theresa and Phil both turn to Dr Jimmi Clay (Adrian Lewis Morgan) for advice and guidance. Theresa insists they wouldn’t be good parents if they didn’t at least give Josh a chance. While Phil continues to put his faith in God.

Will the distraught parents agree to have Josh taken off the machine?

Doctors, Sid Vere

Is Sid’s latest patient a wanted criminal on Doctors? (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, things take an unexpected turn at the Minor Surgery Unit, when receptionist Karen Hollins (Jan Pearson) suspects Sid Vere’s (Ashley Rice) latest patient is a wanted criminal!

Harry Brundle (Ewan Bailey) has come in for a straight-forward mole removal and claims he often gets mistaken because of his mole.

However, when Karen shows Sid a photofit from CrimeCatchers, it seems she could be onto something!

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