Disaster strikes at Holby

There’s chaos at Holby, as Tim walks into reception with a crossbow and starts shooting, hitting Faye in the back, Zoe in the chest and Elliot’s daughter Martha in the arm. To get an injured Martha out of danger, Chrissie takes her into the lift – but as the alarm goes off the lift grinds to a halt.

Sam and Elliot arrive on the scene and rush to the aid of Zoe and Faye, but Sam is later left devastated when Zoe dies from her injuries. Meanwhile, Stuart is with a young girl Izzy – she’s waiting for a new heart to arrive for her transplant, but it has been diverted due to the shooting. 

The day’s events soon become too much for Elliot to handle. Sam blames Elliot for Zoe’s death after he shouted at Tim, Martha is in a critical condition and son James is due to be sentenced. Jusy as he’s about to perform Izzy’s crucial heart transplant, Elliot walks out of Holby in a daze…

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