Did Faye kill James?

Faye arrives late for work blaming a stomach bug. She reveals to Joseph that James is dead and says that the police will want to speak to him and Jac. Joseph is quizzed by the police and tells Jac that he can’t believe the police think Faye killed James.

Joseph tells Faye that the police don’t believe that James’s death was an accident and think that she had something to do with it. Later, Jac confronts Faye about James’ death and asks why she’s being so secretive about it. Faye tells Jac that she needs both her and Joseph’s help.

When Matt turns down Nicky’s idea of living together, Nicky blames Dean and insults him. Later, Matt finds Maddy treating Nicky, who was found by the Paramedics. Dan Clifford enters the cubicle and Matt corrects him when he refers to Nicky as his girlfriend.

Once Matt has gone, Nicky tells Dan that she wants to make a complaint about Matt. Nicky’s condition worsens, and Matt helps to operate on her, telling Dan that he had no idea Nicky was a psychiatric patient.

Also, Ric’s new fiancee, Thandie, crosses swords with Lola on her first day at Holby.