Daniel deals with a difficult patient

Daniel tries to intervene when a patient has a strange request for their dying days

Daniel receives a visit from Yoshiko Tanaka, a woman whose father is dying of cancer. Daniel listens in horror, as Yoshiko explains her father’s plans for his dying days. Yoshiko’s father, Akio, is planning to follow an ancient Eastern myth that if you only eat honey and be buried in a stone tomb filled with honey, after hundred years your tomb can be opened and the body is full of medicinal properties.

As Daniel wraps his head around Aiko’s plans, Yoshiko tells Daniel that her father fell over bathing in honey! With things clearly getting out of hand, Daniel decides to visit Aiko and see if he can get him to change his mind. Will Daniel have the right words to bring Aiko to his senses?

At the campus, Valerie is preparing to give a speech to some medical students about her cancer battle. However, when she suddenly begins to doubt herself, will Emma be able to convince Valerie to give her speech?