Will Daniel sleep with Adele?

Can Daniel and Zara sleep with other people?

Daniel and Zara are in the kitchen preparing dinner for Adele and Richard. Daniel and Zara serve dinner and sexual tension between the couples starts to surface. So it doesn’t take long before the flirting turns into physical intimacy. However, Daniel pulls away from Adele, feeling uncomfortable. Zara follows him to the kitchen and starts to tease him about backing out. Will Zara and Daniel be able to sleep with other people and how will their decisions affect their relationship in the long run?

Meanwhile, Rob is preparing to go to his group therapy session, but it’s clear that he isn’t completely comfortable pouring out his feelings to a room full of strangers. Karen encourages Rob to put aside his preconceptions and head to the meeting. When Rob arrives, he’s shocked to meet the organiser. Will Rob stay for the entire meeting?