Cybil takes a shine to Daniel

Having failed to attract Cherry’s attention, ladies man Daniel begrudgingly heads to an out-patient appointment with Cybil Lambert. Daniel engages in some harmless flirtation with Cybil as he tries to ensure she’s taking her medication and is as comfortable as can be. Cybil moans to Daniel about her son Malcolm, but praises Daniel for cheering her up; he has worked wonders and, as he leaves, Cybil jokingly tells Daniel that he deserves a reward…

Meanwhile, Cherry is hopeful of a relationship with Simon, but fears that the feeling isn’t mutual. Cherry’s delighted when Simon asks Cherry if she wants to look at his new telescope that evening – but her attempts to woo him with good food, a sexy outfit and sweet smile go awry as Simon is clearly more interested in the stars. Will he ever make a move?

Also, Heston’s caught in the middle when he inadvertently becomes confidante to both the heavily pregnant wife and the student mistress of music professor, Don Fraser. Unsuspecting wife Nina initially ignores Heston’s advice to put herself first – but when Nina uncovers the affair herself, Don ends up with no wife or mistress.

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