The first of a two-part Indian adventure finds Jane McDonald amid the colourful chaos of the city of Kolkata

After her trip to Portugal last week, Jane goes further afield to India, for part one of another travel adventure.

The first stop is the chaos of Kolkata, where she visits Asia’s largest flower market, before being treated to a ringside seat to watch some traditional wrestlers.

Crusing with Jane McDonald - in Delhi

Jane in one of Delhi’s havelis.

She then swaps grappling for the Ganges, on board a five-star cruise ship sailing along India’s most holy rivers, stopping off at the temple city of Kalna, and Murshidabad, former home of the East India Shipping Company, where she explores some of its grand palaces.

Beautiful scenery and ancient traditions as colourful as Jane’s personality.

TV Times rating: *****

Cruising with Jane McDonald

Jane at Amber Fort in Jaipur

Jane’s adventure in India will be shown over two episodes and, here, Jane, 56, tells TV Times what’s on her itinerary…

Have you visited India before?

No, so it was quite a culture shock arriving. Your senses are bombarded and I’ve never known so much noise!

The roads are crazy and everyone is leaning on their car horns all the time. To be honest, when we first arrived I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but I soon embraced the chaos.

By the end of our trip, I absolutely loved India.

What were your highlights?

I loved the Kolkata [Calcutta] flower market, it was filled with marigolds. I also loved sailing down the Ganges during a candlelit ceremony – it was a magical experience.