Jane McDonalds back for some more cruises, starting this week in Porto

Jane McDonald would probably be the first to admit that her Cruising series is a pretty good gig but, unlike some presenters, she at least has the good grace to enjoy every minute of it to the full!
In the first of a new series, Jane’s on a cruise through Portugal, on the river Douro.

Cruising with Jane McDonald

Jane’s in Lamego, Portugal

The singer begins in Porto, where she investigates the origins of port wine (what a terrible job!), and continues to Lamego and Vila Real, home of Mateus rosé wine.

Jane briefly crosses the border into Spain to visit Salamanca, and ends her trip in the beautiful capital city of Lisbon, where she samples the delights of pasteis de nata (Portuguese custard tarts) and even gets to see them being made. Bom apetite!

TV Times rating: ****