Coronation Street Spoilers: Wayne agrees to help Roy Cropper

Wayne offers to help Roy Cropper researching the history of his mother’s ring.

Explaining that he’s the health and safety inspector overseeing the factory disaster, Wayne assures Roy Cropper the boat fire wasn’t the cause of the roof collapse. When Roy reveals he looking into the history of a ring he inherited from his mother, Wayne offers to help with his research.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Wayne agrees to help Roy Cropper

As one devastated family plan for a funeral for a loved one there are those eager to point the finger of blame following the factory collapse. Will the police turn up on the cobbles ready to charge someone for what happened? And who is in the firing line?

Michelle tells Ali how proud she is of the way he saved lives during the factory collapse. Buoyed by her words and feeling a renewed sense of self-confidence, Ali decides it’s time to go back to work as a doctor. Later, Ali and Ryan are shocked to discover someone creeping around the bistro. Who is it?

Sarah makes it clear to Gary that if he keeps quiet about what he knew about the factory roof they’re finished. Will Gary keep up the pretence or put his relationship first?

Coronation Street continues at 8.30pm.