Coronation Street spoilers: The McDonalds go to the farm!

Leanne is thrilled to see Oliver smile on the McDonalds visit to the farm

In tonight’s only episode of Coronation Street at 7.30pm (see our TV guide for full details) Leanne, Nick, Steve, Tracy, Simon, Emma and Amy take Oliver to the petting zoo.

Leanne does her best to relax as the McDonalds enjoy themselves but she can’t take her eyes off her son. When Oliver spots some cows, he makes a mooing noise and starts laughing, leaving Leanne’s utterly thrilled to see a flash of the old Oliver.

Coronation Street spoilers: The McDonalds got to the farm!

Leanne finds herself relaxing around the family as Oliver enjoys himself

Carla shows Peter the Gazette headline and accuses him of beating up Jordan and Chelsey. Peter’s offended and vehemently denies any involvement leaving her perplexed. In the Rovers, Ken raises a toast in commemoration of V.E Day.

Having calmed down, Peter assures Carla that he was at an alcoholics’ meeting at the time of the assault so it had nothing to do with him. Who did attack them?

Peter assure Calra he had nothing to do with the attack

Peter assure Calra he had nothing to do with the attack

Clearly on edge, Daniel tells Nicky that it was a mistake and he shouldn’t have called her. He opens up to her and tells her all about Sinead, how much he loved her, how much he misses her and how lonely his life has become.

David decides to ask Shona out for something to eat but she panics in the bistro and says she would rather go to the chippie. David is amused when she steals Ray’s wallet and explains that is how they met.

Seb and Alina admit they still have feelings for each other but Alina insists they can only be friends so as not to upset Emma.